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AllMySongs Database

Music library for cataloging and manage music files and AudioCD
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29 August 2011

Editor's review

Managing a large music collection at your own could presumably be a hassling task that would take up a lot your time and energy uselessly. It’s really monotonous to pick each and every music file from various folders and clubbing them to form a good music collection. Nonetheless, in such a situation you can pass your onus to an effective application that comes to you in the form of AllMySongs Database 1.0 application. The utility is an impressive music library that aids you in cataloguing and managing your Audio CD and music files. It supports organizing different music file formats such as MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, etc. You can easily sort your music files by title, year, artist, album, genre, etc. It also allows you to download album covers, artists’ biography, artists’ photo, and AudioCD info relating your music files.

The GUI of AllMySongs Database 1.0 is modestly framed with features all set to help you organize your music files efficiently. It automatically scans your disk folders and adds all your music files into the library, where the entire files are shown under different heads as per your set sorting filter. In addition, you can even organize and manage your music files stored within Audio CDs, as the CD is automatically recognized by it. The files contained by each listed head are presented over the right side of the screen area, and clicking on any would present you with its tag info, album cover, artist image, etc, automatically downloaded by it. It even comprises of Quick Search and Views fields to help you conveniently find the required files. Further, the utility would also support creating playlists for your default music player. Also, it includes in-built player to help you play your music and Audio CD files. Even, you can edit audio file info such as title, artist, album, year, etc. Moreover, you can modify the interface appearance to make it look appealing and match your PC theme.

AllMySongs Database 1.0 software allows you to effortlessly organize and manage your entire music collection within PC or Audio CD. The utility is equipped with exclusive features that aids credible performance and helps deriving impressive output, making it deserve 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

AllMySongs Database is a music library for managing and cataloging music files and AudioCD. Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV e.t.c music files formats. You can easily find any song from your music collection according to title, album, artist, genre e.t.c. or any complex conditions. Also, with AllMySongs Database powerful tools you can download automatically from internet album covers, artists photos, artists biography, AudioCD information.

•Automatically searches and adds all your music files by scanning your disk folders.
•Automatical recognition of AudioCD
•Automatically imports tag information of MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC files.
•Tool to automatically download and store album covers.
•Tool to automatically download and store artists photos.
•Tool to automatically download and store artists biography.
•Tool to automatically download and store track lyrics.
•View/Edit Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Genre e.t.c.
•Create playlists for your favorite music player.
•Play music files/AudioCD.
•Save differents views.
•Easily sort your database according to Artists/Album/Title/Year/File Format/Genre/e.t.c.
• Rename your files according to Artist/Album/Title/Year/Genre.
•Advanced search for helping you find any songs.
•Quick Filter to apply easily database filter.
•Customize Interface with skins.
AllMySongs Database can be translated into all languages.
AllMySongs Database
AllMySongs Database
Version 2.1
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David L.
Run Away! Run far away! This program has had a bug for a while with no resolution. The program will not auto fill the CD information.
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